The Future of Social Pug and What You Need to Know

Social Pug started as a pet project almost two years ago and slowly, but steadily, it is reaching its one year milestone since the official launch. The growth, both in new features and in sales, is more than I ever imagined it would have been.

With these celebrations knocking at the door I would like to firstly thank all of you for believing in this project, for reporting bugs and for contributing with ideas. Social Pug would not be where it is without you. Thank you!

Secondly, it is my pleasure to announce Social Pug 2.0. Yes, that’s right! The biggest update since the launch is in the works and I would like to share with you what is going to change in the upcoming version. Below are the key elements I will be focusing on, but the changes are not limited to them, so let’s dive in…

  • Code Refactoring – The first lines of code were written more than two years ago, and since then my career as a programmer has evolved significantly. I see each block of code with different eyes now and, after doing a complete code review on Social Pug, I realised that some parts should be improved.
  • Make the WhatsApp button available for all sharing tools – This is one of the most requested features I’ve had since launching the plugin, but the way the plugin was written did not offer a lot of wiggle room for adding this feature without a hacky solution. Now with the code refactoring as the heart of this big update, the WhatsApp button will be available in all share tools.
  • Improved Social Count System – The social count system has seen its fair share of attention in the past, given that it is tied to the way each social platform offers support for retrieving the share counts. It was even completely rewritten for better performance, but in certain, very isolated situations, it fails to do its job properly and the issue will be addressed in version 2.0.
  • Statistics – Improved, generalised statistics. What this means is that there will be a new dedicated sub-page within the plugin, just for statistics, where you will be able to see all your posts with all their shares.
  • Translations – Social Pug is used on more than 10.000 websites and it would be foolish to believe that all these users are comfortable using the plugin in English. The first step in this direction was made with the help of Björn Granberg ( who translated the plugin in Swedish. A big thank you Björn for being supportive on this! Also, we are in the works to translate the plugin in Spanish. If you wish to contribute on any other language, please contact me via the support channel.
  • Price Increase – Due to the great evolution of the plugin since version 1.0 and the new features it will have in version 2.0, I have decided that the plugin deserves a price increase. The new prices will be $24/year for Blogger, $49/year for Freelancer and $99/year for Agency starting on the 1st of November 2016.

And a Surprise…

The last month I have been working on something special. It is a project that came to mind more than half a year ago, which slowly, but steadily, is shaping into an awesome WordPress plugin that I’m sure you are going to like.

I have partnered with a good friend of mine to bring this project to life and because I enjoy hearing your thoughts I want to offer you the opportunity to get behind the scenes and check the plugin out before its official launch.

All you need to do is complete the form below, registering as a beta tester. When the first working version of the plugin is ready, you will be the first to know about it! Also, for helping us out with the testing we will send you a massive 50% discount code that you can use to purchase any of our products, including the new plugin.

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