Social Media Follow Buttons for WordPress with Social Pug

Once in while the same feature request starts popping up from different users in a very short time span. It’s like users were talking to each other, not knowing how to tell me this and they thought it would be better if they would come at me all at the same time. Kudos for doing it!

I enjoy reading through support tickets, whether they are bug reports, feature requests or pre-sale questions, because with every ticket there’s an opportunity to refine the development log and make Social Pug better for you and also more appealing for others.

A lot of requests came up lately asking if social media follow buttons were available in the plugin. In short, no, and I wasn’t really planning on doing it either, because I have always seen Social Pug as a social sharing plugin only. But, after visiting several of my client’s websites and seeing that they had to resort to other plugins for this feature, sacrificing in most cases on the design part, it was pretty clear that this feature is needed.

So here we are… Bellow are the social follow buttons in all their glory, with the simple and elegant designs of the share buttons. If you start clicking on them you’ll find out that only the Twitter buttons works. That’s because it’s the only social network I am active on at the moment, but I wanted to showcase all supported networks ( contact me @mihai_iova if there’s a network you would like added in the plugin ).


How to Add Social Follow Buttons to Your WordPress Website

Now that you know why I chose to bring the social follow buttons to Social Pug it’s time to bring them to your WordPress website. Updating the plugin to the latest version will add a new tool in the Toolkit page that is called “Follow Widget“.

Social Pug Toolkit Page

Go ahead and activate it. A new admin page will be available, where you can choose which networks to add and to stylise the buttons to your needs.

But why widget? Because it made sense that the optimal position of the follow buttons would be within a widget that you can place in any widget area of your theme. The cool thing is though, that you can also use the new [socialpug_follow] shortcode to place the buttons wherever you want within your posts and pages.

Bellow is the Settings page for the social follow buttons, with all available options.

Follow Widget Settings Page

All fine and dandy, but where do the buttons lead to? Good point! In the plugin’s Settings page there is a new tab called Social Networks. Here you can add your network’s username and that’s about it, the plugin will do the rest for you.

Social Pug Networks

With all of these configured, you can go ahead in your admin Widgets page and add the Social Pug: Social Media Follow Buttons widget wherever you want or use the [socialpug_follow] widget to place buttons anywhere within your content.

To end on a high note… This feature became a reality because of you, because you’ve reached out and asked if this could be possible. It is now and it turned out great, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you!


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