The Future of Social Pug and What You Need to Know

Social Pug started as a pet project almost two years ago and slowly, but steadily, it is reaching its one year milestone since the official launch. The growth, both in new features and in sales, is more than I ever imagined it would have been. With these celebrations knocking at the door I would like to firstly […]

Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to Add the Simplest Social Share Buttons in WordPress

Back in the day when I was doing client work, the single requirement that all clients wanted, no matter what, were the social sharing buttons. And for good reason. All were pushing fresh content on a regular basis and wanted that content to reach as many people as possible. These buttons were and still are the easiest, most recognisable […]

What Colors Social Media Websites Use?

Social Pug‘s share buttons have, by default, as background color the brand color of the social networks they represent. To be as accurate as possible with the color codes, they have been picked from the brand/assets guidelines of each social network (where available) or directly from their logos (where there were no guidelines available). Below you have the entire collection of brand […]

Social Media Follow Buttons for WordPress with Social Pug

Once in while the same feature request starts popping up from different users in a very short time span. It’s like users were talking to each other, not knowing how to tell me this and they thought it would be better if they would come at me all at the same time. Kudos for doing it! I […]

How to Customise Your Social Share Buttons with Social Pug

Before we get started… You might have noticed some time ago that the admin area of Social Pug changed quite a bit. I felt at the time that the user interface was getting a bit too cluttered and some of the UI elements were not user friendly, so I took some time to assess the situation […]