Opt-In Hound Version 1.4: What You Need to Know

I’m really happy to announce today the release of Opt-In Hound version 1.4.0. The main goal of this new update was to greatly improve parts of the existing features, parts that were lacking both in functionality and in user experience.

A Better Opt-in Scheduler

The first version of the opt-in scheduler was introduced way back in version 1.1.3. Its purpose was to help schedule an opt-in campaign between two fixed dates and that was it. No more, no less, as seen in the image below.

This functionality was all fine and dandy for small websites or blogs, but for eCommerce websites or websites with a large audience it just wasn’t flexible enough, hence a complete overhaul of the entire feature was needed.

And it turned out great.

You now have multiple options to schedule your opt-in campaigns. The date range option remained in place, but now you can add multiple ones. Also, you can run your opt-in campaigns on a recurring weekly or monthly basis, for example have an opt-in appear for your users every Monday or on the 1st of every month.

Input Field and Button Action States

Offering a large variety of options to customize your opt-in campaign is crucial for the success of both the campaign and also the plugin that powers the campaign. One of the important aspects is how the email subscription form behaves. Is the form dynamic? Do the fields offer any feedback when interacting with them? Or is everything still and bland?

This is where action states come into play. With them you can customize the look and feel of your input fields and submit button when in normal state, when the input field is in focus or when the user hovers over the submit button.

These customizations represent visual feedback for the users, which enhances their interaction experience with your opt-ins.

Form Footer Text

The form footer text is a nice little feature with which you can improve your subscription forms and their conversion rate. The text appears right under the opt-in form and is a bit smaller in size than the rest of the messages.

The default copy is a simple “No spam. Pinky promise!”, just to let users know that subscribing will not lead to their inboxes being flooded with random junk, but you can customize this text to your needs, for example having a link to your Terms and Conditions.

Looking At The Future

  • New Email Provider Integrations – Currently Opt-In Hound integrates with MailChimp, AWeber and SendinBlue. Selecting just a few and keeping it small was a pretty good decision, as it was enough to satisfy the majority of customer requests and allowed me to focus on enhancing other parts of the plugin. In the last couple of months though, more and more requests came for other email provider integrations. ConvertKit and GetResponse are on the radar.
  • More Customization Options¬†– The next few minor releases will see new customization options for the opt-ins. The main goal of the plugin is to help you create better marketing campaigns using just your mouse and your keyboard for writing the copy. No code, no hassle.
  • Better Targeting for eCommerce – eCommerce is though. Having the right tools to target your customers better on your shop will make it much easier to convert users into email subscribers. This will mainly include support for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Rebranding – The next major update will see a minor rebranding. It won’t come with a bang, it will be rather subtle. I’ve noticed customers often writing “Optin Hound” instead of “Opt-In Hound” and it sort of sticked to me.

Get Your Copy of Opt-In Hound

I’m extremely happy of how this update turned out. That’s why I’m offering ten Opt-In Hound licenses at a 20% discounted price! Simply use the following discount code: optin_hound_140 on the checkout page and you are good to go!

Version 1.4.0 is available today. The update can be installed directly from the Plugins page for all customers with a valid license.

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