10 Day WordPress Plugin Challenge: Can It Be Done?

Well… it depends on what it does…

Back when Social Pug was still in it’s early stages of life I remember juggling ideas with Cristian from Cozmoslabs for new features that I could bring to the plugin. He proposed at one time to expand the social sharing plugin in the e-mail marketing territory, with tools such as opt-in pop-ups, widgets and fly-ins.

The idea clicked with me from the very first second. To dramatise a bit, it came down like a beam of light through stormy clouds… but it had one major issue from where I was looking at it. If all e-mail marketing tools would make it into the plugin, Social Pug would lose its biggest asset. Its simplicity. There would be too many different tools, working differently from one another, in a single package, to make it a great experience for the users.

So, like with most ideas, it remained just an idea. You might be asking yourself… why didn’t you just build another plugin? Short answer is that I wanted to turn Social Pug into a fully fledged social sharing plugin and also SkyePress, the social media auto-poster WordPress plugin was beginning to take shape, leaving no time for another project.

The idea sticked to this day…

I’m sure you know the feeling, when an old idea does this dance of popping into your head from time to time. It’s been popping quite a lot in the last couple of months and it’s time to turn it into the third WordPress plugin from the DevPups line-up.

This time though, I want to develop the plugin a bit differently than Social Pug and SkyePress. Social Pug began as a personal project and I worked whenever I felt like it. It took about one year to get it to its first version. SkyePress on the other hand, even though its codebase is much bigger than Social Pug’s, was finished in about 4 months. This is due to the fact that I’ve partnered with a friend to develop it, everything was planned ahead and we had deadlines for each major feature of the plugin.

This time I want to challenge myself and take it to another level. I call it the 10 day WordPress plugin challenge.

But Why and How?

Let’s start with the why. Firstly, it’s because I really like the idea and because it’s been poking me lately too much. Secondly, because Easter Holiday is approaching and things aligned so that I have nothing planned for that period, resulting in a free week when I can work full time on this project.

And the how. I’m hoping to stick to the following schedule:

  • Day 1: Research plugin features
  • Day 2: Development planning
  • Days 3 – 7: Actual development
  • Days 8 – 9: Testing and bug fixing
  • Day 10: Writing the copy text, creating the image assets and submitting the plugin to the WordPress repository.

What this plugin will surely not be…

Let’s be honest. It’s not going to be perfect. I am well aware of this. It’s not going to be a fully fledged e-mail marketing plugin with which you will be able to create complex marketing strategies and monitor closely each tool and its performance.

What this plugin will hopefully be…

It will be a fully functional, easy to use, e-mail marketing WordPress plugin with a couple of tools and moderate customization options that will help you grow your e-mail subscriber list.

Stay tuned

That being said, wish me luck and let’s hope I come alive from this to tell the story. Stay tuned for updates on this.

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