Why Using an Email Marketing Service is Worth the Money

Let’s take a short moment to reflect on this one thing… Since you’ve started reading this article, an estimated 15 websites have been registered on the internet. Yeap, new blogs and eShops are popping each minute like mushrooms after a good rain. And with this, comes one of the biggest challenges that website owners are […]

Social Pug Version 2.2 is Here! And it’s a Biggie!

I am very excited and happy to announce the launch of Social Pug version 2.2, one of the biggest updates to date (I seem to be saying this phrase a lot for the latest releases, but it is kind of true)! This version comes to solidify your existing social sharing tools and also to bring […]

6 Free Social Media WordPress Plugins To Help Spread Your Content

What’s up everyone? Today we’re going to review 6 of the top WordPress plugins that add social media sharing buttons to your website. You know… To get the word out there about your content and grow your traffic from social networks. They say “Content is King” and while we completely live by this rule and […]

How to Grow Your Mailing List in WordPress with a Limited Time Offer

Let’s be honest for a moment. Email is not dead. You use it every day, don’t you? So do your friends, so do I, so do my friends. Email is alive and kicking! With open rates of up to 47% and click rates of up to 26%, email marketing holds its position as one of […]

10 Day WordPress Plugin Challenge: Can It Be Done?

Well… it depends on what it does… Back when Social Pug was still in it’s early stages of life I remember juggling ideas with Cristian from Cozmoslabs for new features that I could bring to the plugin. He proposed at one time to expand the social sharing plugin in the e-mail marketing territory, with tools such as opt-in […]

Big Announcement: Social Pug Version 2.0 is Here!

I’m really really happy to let you know that the biggest update that Social Pug has ever seen, version 2.0, has been released and it should already be available for download directly from your WordPress Plugins area, if you have a valid license…

The Future of Social Pug and What You Need to Know

Social Pug started as a pet project almost two years ago and slowly, but steadily, it is reaching its one year milestone since the official launch. The growth, both in new features and in sales, is more than I ever imagined it would have been. With these celebrations knocking at the door I would like to firstly […]

Social Share Buttons for WordPress

How to Add the Simplest Social Share Buttons in WordPress

Back in the day when I was doing client work, the single requirement that all clients wanted, no matter what, were the social sharing buttons. And for good reason. All were pushing fresh content on a regular basis and wanted that content to reach as many people as possible. These buttons were and still are the easiest, most recognisable […]

What Colors Social Media Websites Use?

Social Pug‘s share buttons have, by default, as background color the brand color of the social networks they represent. To be as accurate as possible with the color codes, they have been picked from the brand/assets guidelines of each social network (where available) or directly from their logos (where there were no guidelines available). Below you have the entire collection of brand […]

Custom Tweet, Custom Pinterest Image, Custom Sharable Content

You are in for a treat! I know you work hard for each article and I know you want to push awesome content for your readers and it’s only fair for that content to be showcased on social media websites in the right way, in the best way. Luckily there is a medium through which you can tell social […]